How To Get SWAP Support

There is an application process to determine eligibility for SWAP services. There are two types of SWAP services. One is for current high school students who have a 504 Plan or an IEP (Individualized Education Program), and the other type  is for youth who are no longer in school. 

Students with a 504 Plan or an IEP are encouraged to apply for services toward the end of their sophomore year. Once found eligible for SWAP, the focus for this group is what we refer to as Pre-Employment Training Services or PETS. SWAP participants with a PETS focus will spend their time PREPARING to be work-ready. Activities may include career exploration, work site tours, career focused guest speakers, volunteer work, a job trial, interest and aptitude assessments and college visits.  Also, woven in to all activities will be an emphasis on developing "Soft Skills." Soft skills are those skills that employers look for in candidates such as ability to communicate, social skills, timeliness, commitment to work, willingness to learn, etc.

Youth who are no longer in school can apply for services at any time. Once found eligible, participants will receive services that focus on ATTAINING employment. These services can include exploring interests, completing assessments and considering other factors that may impact a job search such as location, hours, and trends in a specific line of work. Youth will also receive instruction on completing applications, writing a resume and preparing for an interview. SWAP will help youth find, apply for and be successful at work either by providing support at the worksite or through counseling in 1-1 meetings away from work.

To apply for SWAP services, please contact Desiree Sandoval at 970-686-8078.