Safety & Security

The Weld RE-4 School District works with our local first responders on a regular basis to ensure readiness of our school personnel for preparation, response and after action related to preparedness for a variety of safety and security situations.  Although we have not experienced any school violence events we would like to provide the following resources to our community to assist in discussions with children who may have questions about student violence occurrences they may hear about on the news.

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center has provided the following document related to how to talk to children about school safety: for school personnel
Talking to Children about School Safety 4 21 10.pdf

The National Association of School Psychologists has provided the following document about how to talk to children about violence.  This information is for parents and educators.  
Talking to Children About Violence

Dr.'s Brook Griese and Micki Burns have provided the following document with additional resources linked within with tips to help support children and families during times of tragedy.
Supporting Children and Families During Times of Tragedy